General Questions

At Smarteye we create high quality creative templates & scripts. Our team committed to always providing the very best in quality web solutions available to you at an affordable price.

We are sure that you will be left highly satisfied by our delivery and; thanks to the several years of experience that we have in the industry. This wealth of knowledge allows our highly experienced, certified software designers and developers to assist in all existing and start-up needs for small businesses; which includes not only web solutions but also marketing strategies and optimization techniques. Over the years that our team has been in operation we have had the chance to work on the development of software for Fortune 500 companies and a real range of software projects. This variety of sized businesses has allowed us to develop us the key expertise in dealing with small businesses and large companies alike.

To receive support please leave a message in the support section of one of our custome support executive will contact you and solve your problem within 2 business days.

The major advantage is price: You get a high quality design for just $5-$40. You don’t have to hire a web designer or web design studio. Second advantage is time frame: It usually takes 5-15 days for a good designer to produce a web page of such quality.
Yes. It is perfect for designers who want to offer their customers a high-quality design and also save time and money. Keep in mind that when you purchase the template with ordinary or exclusive license you’re entitled to create only one project (one domain name).

A regular license allows an item to be used in one project for either personal or commercial use by you or on behalf of a client. The item cannot be offered for resale either on its own or as part of a project. Distribution of source files is not permitted.

An extended license allows an item to be used in unlimited projects for either personal or commercial use. The item cannot be offered for resale "as-is". It is allowed to distribute/sublicense the source files as part of a larger project.

Requests for a refund are accepted at within the period of 2 weeks after the order is placed. You should accompany this request with detailed and grounded reasons why you apply for a refund. Please make sure your request does not contradict the terms and conditions specified in the policy.

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