Every developer will look for a good looking website template for their project. In this article we will list some of our best and stylish login page design examples. We also add the source code of all the login pages designs so you can simply select your favorite design and use it in your website or application for free. In this article all the templates listed here  are designed with bootstrap and they are unique and also you don't have to worry about mobile responsiveness. All the templates listed here are fully responsive and it will perfectly work on all types of devices. You can find login pages for all types of Web applications and Web portals. You can also use the login page design for mobile websites too. The templates in this  list  are neatly aligned and well documented. 

1, Simple and modern login page example

This is a simple and good looking login page template design. And also this template looks modern and updated. You can use this template and start creating your application it will save your time and effort.

2, Dark theme login page design

This is one of the most unique templates listed here. Just simply look at the demo and you will find how good this template is. If you are the one who doesn't have much design skills and you are looking for good and unique login page examples. This free template is surely for you.

3, Login page example with background image

This template is designed with a stylish background image in it. If you are planning for a social media website you must check out the demo. The temple is very suitable for social media websites and social blogs

4, Stylish login page template with glossy effect

This is one of the most stylish websites in the list. You can take a look at the login page example design then only you will understand how good this template is. This template has a wonderful stylish glass effect in it

5, Pink color attractive login page example

Are you looking for a login page design for ladies fancy items or a ladies fashion website you have to view the demo then only you will understand how good this template will match your needs. You can also modify and use these templates for other websites too.

6, simple login page design with multi color background

This is the most colorful template in the list with attractive background color designs. This template will fit on most of the projects. You can use this free login page template in any of your projects from web portals, erps, and many other projects. You can slightly change the color to match your design theme. In most of the cases you don’t need to change the color because this template has a multicolor background image.

7, Stylish login page design example with vector images

Very Stylish login page design from smarteyeapps.com. You can use this template for free of cost no hidden charges apply. This login page example code looks more stunning because of the vector image used in it. It will surely make your websites login page more premium and more stylish and also with small changes you can modify this free template

8, Full screen login page design example

If you are the one who looking for a full screen login page design for your project you must try this full screen login page design their is lot of chances for this template to fit in to your project and make you search ends here

9, Help desk login page design example

This is another simple and neatly designed free login page template example from smarteyeapps.com. This template is well suitable for web portals and web projects. Its simplicity makes your design more professional, especially in the websites like customer support portal, help desk, chat boat etc…

10, modern and stylish login page design

This free login page design code will make your website more stylish and attractive. This template must be in your shortlist when are looking for a modem and profession login page design and more importantly with this template you will get the advantage of bootstrap and scss in your project

11, Awesome login page design with beautiful background

Don’t miss this template. This is also a must try free login page design example from smarteyeapps.com. You can easily modify this template to match your design theme and make it more appropriate to your design language

12, Creative login page design with beautiful effects

Just simply look at the demo of this free login page and you will surely feel the essence of this template. This template is designed in a way that is more creative and more beautiful. The beauty of this template will add more attraction to your website. You are the one who likes creative designs? You must try this template

13, Simple creative login page example

This is one of the best examples of how a good login page looks. With its stylish and creative design this template must be in every once shortlist. This example will improve your next project design and you will get better understanding of it

14, Simple login page form will social login

Another simple login page template from smarteyeapps.com with its uniqueness and simplicity this is a must try template for many projects. Many projects don't need much design in it but what they need is simple and it must be easy for the users to use in that case this template Is surely on your shortlist

15, Beautiful login form design with cool css effects

One of the most beautiful login page designs with cool effects. You can simply download and use this template for free of cost and this template is neatly designed and well documented. You can easily understand the codes in this design and make your modification in it.

16, Modern attractive full screen login page design

Vey modern and stylish login page website template from smarteyeapp.com. You can get full screen advantage with this stylish website template and you can use this template in any of your projects. This free template is fully mobile responsive and it will perfectly fit on all the devices

17, Login Page with Full Screen Background

This template is one of the best and most stylish login page template available on smarteyeapps.com. This template has a cool background image it adds more style and attraction to this template. You can add this template in any type of modern website or application it will perfectly fit. Also this awesome template free to download and use

18, Simple and beautifully login page example

If you want your website to be simple and also beautiful it must be very difficult to find one like that. But you don’t have any worry about that now you find the design you looking for and another happy news is it is a free template so you can download and use this temple for free

19, Applications login page design

There are a lot of creative designs in the login page design example list if you don't find any that match your design needs. You can check the demo and try it in you project it must be fit in your design and add more values to your application

20, Most featured login page Template

Your website or application is a big enterprise application and this has a lot of features in it. You have to be very careful about your login page because the login page is the first page your visitor will see. If your application has a lot of features and your login page doesn't look good you will fail to attract your visitors. So before finalize your design you must try this

21, Model login page design example

This login page design looks more modern and very upmarket. So you have to take a look at it before you finalize your design about the login page. This is also a good looking website and I am sure that you will feel it is worth your time after visiting the demo and also there are a lot of chances it must be in your final list.

In this article you will find the top 21 login page examples with the code. You can download and use the code in your projects for free of cost. All the templates listed here are modern and very attractive